How should hairline be?

Every step of the hair transplanting process has required the sensitive with serious experience, but the most important point of hair transplantation is to be able to give nature appearance to the front hairline.
In addition to the hand skill of the expert who will create the hair line, he must also reveal his artistic personality.



  1. The length of the forehead line should be taken into account when considering the amount of graft taken from the donor area, the age and the expectation of the recipient.
  2. For nourishment of the hair follicles where the hair follicles will be placed micro-channels of the diameter have to be equal with the graft which can be cultivated.
  3. The micro-channels should be opened with the correct angle that is the same with natural hair fallicles angle.
  4. Calculating the length and diameter of hair follicles from the donor area The diameter of the channel that is used to open the lateral slit and the length should be setting. Private lateral slits should be used for each person.

It is determining by referring to the most natural hair line for a transplant. Therefore, it is one of the most important stages of hair transplantation..

There is a natural hairline that comes in a V shape in males and a slight hair line in a direction that is different for each person.

For a successful transplantation to create of your natural hair line that needs more attention for this direction.