Female Mesotherapy

Known in the classical sense, hair mesotherapy is the process of applying mesotherapy to the scalp hair. Mesotherapy can be done to strengthen the structure of the hair, which is not only scalp but also the eyebrows, tastes, mustache and beard area. All of the treatments to increase the strength of the follicular unit, made from hair mesotherapy, to all areas with hair, should be understood. But mostly the problem is hair loss, scalp mesotherapy and objective is to strengthen the scalp because of hair loss is understood. Hair mesotherapy is based on injecting a specially prepared medication into the affected area with the help of an injector and preferably a mesotherapy gun. The problem is mostly that hair loss or hair is weaker than it should be. Mesotherapy applied scalp area on this count both more blood, and the benefits of medication is spread over a long time. Mesotherapy is not recommended because it does not show persistence in terms of the result.