Hair Transplant for Women

The issue of hair loss in women is different from men's. The level of male and female hormones hormone in females is much lower than males. The cause of the hair loss issues in women depend different reasons. In this point, patient has to research what is the reason of the hair loss with a doctor. If doctor approve hair transplant operation, donor area determine like as men’s field - the hair follicle is taken from the region we call the region between two ears- and using same technique each follicle transplanting to the target field. If there is a weakness hair issues on the field where not hair loss problem, after the operation, it might apply hair strengthening treatment.

Male Type Hair Loss for women:

TYPE I: The hair at the Vertex Area, visible dilution where starting 1-3 cm behind from the front hair line.
TYPE II: Further dilution at the Vertex area.
TYPE III: Completely hairless Area The differences between men and women: In men hair loss starting late according to women. In men, the incidence of hair loss increases with age. Such an increase is not observed in women..