After Operation
  • Everything will be as you want
  • After 72 hours, you will be able to bathe and wash your hair without any preparation.
  • You will not even need to take painkillers in transplant day
  • On the evening of transplantation, you can sleep in the position you want.
  • In your eyes and in your face, there will be no swelling nor morrow. 13,000 more transplant hair • 1-2 days may swell in the eyes.
  • You can wear a hat if you feel uncomfortable and you can go to work the same day.
  • There will be no tension in your nape.
  • Since there is no surgery and nerves are not cut off, there will be no numbness.
  • The exit angle of the hairs in the planting area and your hair roots will look like your natural hairs.
  • The hair roots will be louder than the old hair roots in order to increase the blood circulation in the area.
  • There will be no traces of hair roots (nape, back, chest, leg).
  • If you have enough hair to be removed and have planted enough seeds, you will have your hair as often as you want.
  • Some of your hair will experience a temporary shedding and others will continue to lengthen for the transplantation of FUE method.


  • Using with FUE method for hair transplantation: Hair follicles from your body where you want it as many as you want and it won't scar your body in a way to where you want it to be taken as often as you want with a natural appearance and are planted. So a clinic that is really FUE can do everything you want it to be, you just need the hair that can be taken anywhere in your body